• I am a musician. By good fortune, that also makes me a traveler. In my journeys throughout the world, I have discovered the power fragrance has to open a window in time. 

    The perfect scent, in the right moment, is pure magic. I can be anywhere on Earth, and a familiar fragrance will transport me to another place, rich in memory and emotion. 

    Devil’s Advocate is an invitation into my world. It represents the duality of how I perceive myself. It’s warm, yet bold, and unapologetic about having a naughty side.

    Inspired by sensory reminders of home, I used Australian sandalwood for warmth, citrus fruits for a fresh, playful touch, and amber notes for depth and irresistible sensuality.


    - Iggy

  • When creating Devil’s Advocate I was inspired by Australia, where Iggy grew up. I started with exclusive Australian Sandalwood and combined other ingredients for an intriguing and intoxicating scent. The Sandalwood is warm with an exotic, rich tonality that brings sensuality and long-lasting power to the fragrance. This particular Sandalwood I used is sourced in Australia by a world leader in the production of ethical, sustainable and reliable Sandalwood oil. I also used DreamwoodTM, an exclusive captive ingredient with a creamy, warm olfactive profile. It has a positive impact on the planet and is 100% natural and ultimately biodegradable.

    Surrounding this warm, addictive core are sparkling Citrus fruits which add a refreshing zest to the exotic Vanilla Orchid, while the sensual Musks and warm Amber provide even more seductive appeal, making this fragrance a little naughty and a little nice – all at the same time.

    Clement Gavarry, Senior Perfumer
    (Tom Ford, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Chloé etc)